The attraction of Tracksplit car racing with a reserved starting grid

The attraction of Tracksplit car racing with a reserved starting grid

The best drivers in the championship start from the back of the starting grid they have to prepare a strategy to be able to win, finish on the podium and top ranks.

Starting all from the back of the grid the faster drivers have to overtake many slower competitors, but also many good and strong competitors to be able to win. It will be very busy on the circuit. They must be able to use the Tracksplit in their advantage. Position themselves well each time again before the Tracksplit to be able to overtake a competitor in or directly after the Tracksplit and this with tire and brake management as well as fuel management to finally finish on the podium or win.

The difference in speed between the top teams and the other teams is often that big, that the faster drivers are half way the race already in the top 10. Due to the starting grid the slower drivers are at the front at the beginning of the race and many drivers will be busy with overtaking the slower driver in front of him and therefore the field will stay close together. The lap times are pre-dominated by the slower drivers at the front.

Half way a race overtaking will become more difficult because the speed differences between two following drivers will become less. In the last part of the race the drivers that are close to each other, also have nearly the same speed and overtaking will become harder, but they still have a good option at the Tracksplit. The tire and brake performance of the car can play a big role at the end of the race. Action granted as a great show on the track.

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