The entertainment competitions

The entertainment competitions

In motorsports and sport in general, every once in a while there is a team or player the best for some years, a tennis player, or a bike motor racer. The difference between the dominancy in many other sports and car motorsports is, that there is still always a lot of action during a bike race or a match and in the competition, and it shows every time again a real battle on the playing fields before there is a victory, even by dominant teams or players. So it is attractive to watch a dominant tennis player fight for a 5 set victory. Very rarely it is a piece of cake (a walk over), sometimes they play brilliant and sometimes they have a “day off” and even loss a game.

The spectators / audiences is always provided action, a battle for victory, a (brilliant) show, entertainment, excitement.

A dominant race team with very good drivers has, in the current pole position starting row  line up settings, nearly every race a walk over! Even more predictable with the best driver in the best car: pole position, leading from start to finish, victory. Race after race, year round. Sometimes many years in a row. It has always been that way!

But why was car motorsports attractive to visit or popular watch? Speed on one side, with very high danger risk and accidents, and another reason was because in the time before the eighties or nineties there was not so much entertainment offered; television programs where limited to (boring) national public productions, and there was a limited Do It Yourself experience market.
Since a few decades it changed: play and watch the movie/video you want when you like it, play your own computer game, do sports yourself, go on your own experience travel for a day, a weekend, or holiday week, select 1 out of 50 commercial / movie TV stations, go to a shopping centre, a musical, an entertainment park. Every time probably more interesting then go and watch a dull car motorsport race.

Many race car series changed rules for car design, engine restrictions, aerodynamic features over and over again during the last 30 years to make the competition more attractive. The changes to make the sport more save, of course were very important for the sport but not for the interest of some spectators. Sometimes there were changes to block a dominating team, sometimes to slow down speed, sometimes to make the sport more affordable.
Did they make the car motorsports series more attractive? Did the number of battles for the victory or for a podium position increase? For a certain period there were more overtake actions, in special DRS gave cars more overtake capabilities. Did it make much difference in the fight for the victory in a race, or for the championship?

Attractiveness in sports must come from a thru long battle for the victory in each race, be a little predictable and give the audience and fans the possibility to fever with and see what their favourite driver and team is doing.

Definitely when there would be more attention for car motorsports, other events and attractions will lose. That’s the competition between sports and all the other leisure time enjoyments people can choose from. Car motorsports is just 1 out of hundreds! Do car motorsport organizer want to win this battle and go for the victory in the leisure time best watched weekend sports event?

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