Why the best teams still win the championship

Why the best teams still win the championship

A top performance of the Mercedes Formula 1 management to put the team in the winning mode. Every engineer of course wants to find new solutions to be just a little better, lighter, faster, more reliable, stronger to make sure the cars are still better than the competition. Every mechanic wants to work faultless and every driver want to score each race as best possible.

The team leaders have to find the right balance between internal competitiveness and teamwork. But it is always more than just 1 super person, or a dozen of good people, there must be a great team and good leadership to manage everything and get the right spirit and drive in and around a total team. Obviously Mercedes has currently one of the best set ups in regard to this. A super job done!

What will new engine rules bring to the attractiveness of Formula 1? For the engine manufacturers it will become again a time for serious new developments and investing extra money. Maybe have double engine development strategies?
What is the goal of the Formula One Management? Is it to please their shareholders with high profits? Is it to make Motorsport a thru sport for a wide audience? Is it to create very a high attractiveness value so there are more car manufacturers interested, more sponsors for race teams, more visitors on race circuits and a higher market value of the Formula one?

Questions can be asked the Formula E races series. Are they staying on city race courses where cars crash every weekend trying to make an overtake attempt. Drivers could get frustrated about this situation and car manufacturers and teams could get irritated about this situation, since crashing costs a lot of money and they have nearly no possibility to win a race if they don’t have pole position. They don’t need to prepare the best race car for the race but the best race car for pole position.

What if the Formula 1 Mercedes drivers siting in the best race cars on the circuit, could be maybe 50% or more time of a Formula 1 race on the TV screen, fighting for every higher position, fighting for a podium place and finally for the victory. Would that be good for Mercedes? Would that be good for the partners of Mercedes? For the Mercedes team sponsors? For the race circuits? For the Formula One management? For the audiences? For the car motorsport in general? Even if they don’t win every race!
Now they are not shown since they are driving solely around on the track, often leading the race from start to finish. It’s boring to watch so that is why you don’t see a Mercedes on screen!

What does it take to win a Tracksplit Car Race: “People who put the organization and cars in the winning mode. Engineers that find new solutions to be just a little better than the cars of the competition. A driver that has the skills and mental strength to fight in battles all the race long. And of course people and team managers that find the right balance between internal competitiveness and teamwork”.

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